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Eurasian Shorebird Survey


The Eurasian Shorebird Survey (ESS) aims

  • to support shorebird conservation with regular and structured shorebird counts on as many coastal and inland locations as possible in the Eurasian and North African region; 

  • to identify key non-coastal shorebird sites;

  • to improve eBird data quality;

  • to improve counting methods and technics;

  • and to increase the number of citizen-scientists.

This citizen-science program is based on the ever-growing network of the Global Shorebird Counts. 

Geographic scope

The Eurasian Shorebird Survey (ESS) covers the whole Europe including the Canary Islands, Iceland, Svalbard, Africa north of the Sahara, the whole Middle East. It also includes Asia with Sri Lanka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Japan, Taiwan the Philippines and the Indonesian islands excluding Papua New Guinea. 

Register your interest and location

The Eurasian Shorebird Survey (ESS) requires some commitments to maximising the value of data. The recommended counting dates ensure synchronised data submission and regularity. The dates below are guidelines but +/- 2-day difference is acceptable. More data can be submitted between the core counting dates.

It is better to have the fewer (the most important) sites involved and get them covered on the counting dates than having more sites with sporadic counts.

Registered countries (ranking order)

Hungary – 16

Spain – 11

India – 8

United Kingdom – 7

Turkey – 4

France – 3

Greece – 3

Kuwait – 3

Czechia – 2

Faroe Islands (Denmark) – 2

Georgia – 2

Italy – 2

Kazakhstan – 2

Romania – 2

Albania – 1

Algeria – 1

Indonesia – 1

Japan – 1

Mongolia – 1

Norway – 1

Portugal – 1

Qatar – 1

Russia – 1

Saudi Arabia – 1

Serbia – 1

Singapore – 1

Slovenia – 1

Sweden – 1

Taiwan – 1

Counting dates 2021

All counts carried out for the Eurasian Shorebird Survey (ESS) fall onto the middle weekend of the month (ideally Saturday).

The most important element of this survey is regularity. Population trends can be drawn only if data collection is methodological and keeps the desired frequency. It's always good to have a substitute surveyor in case personal involvement is not possible.

Please these dates to your Google Calendar.

15–17 January 2021
12–14 February 2021
12–14 March 2021
9–11 April 2021
23–25. April 2021
7–9 May 2021
21–23 May 2021
11–13 June 2021
16–18 July 2021
20–22 August 2021
3–5 September 2021
17–19 September 2021
8–10 October 2021
22–24 October 2021
5–7 November 2021
17–19 December 2021
Breeding Shorebirds

The ESS not only focuses on migratory shorebirds. Monitoring the distribution and size of breeding shorebird populations is equally important. It is welcomed and highly recommended to use the breeding codes of eBird during the breeding season.

How can you take part?

Have an eBird account

While we cannot force anyone to use eBird, it is the only way to share counting results of the Global Shorebird Counts. eBird has proved many times its incredible contribution to bird conservation and our efforts have been a tremendous help for the eBird team to better understand bird migration and population changes. More about why you should eBird is here. Simply register if you are new to eBird.

Download the eBird mobile app

The most convenient way to record bird sightings is by using your mobile phone in the field. The eBird mobile app keeps all your records and lets them being shared with World Shorebirds Day on the go. Read more about the app here.

Count shorebirds

Register your location(s) and count shorebirds on the dates listed above. Count shorebirds on as many different locations as you regularly can. Keep the counting dates to ensure consistency. Invite friends as a backup for your chosen location(s) in case you are unable to count on the given date.

Share checklists

Checklist sharing is simple but if you need guidance, eBird has the perfect tutorial on how to do it. Please use our eBird username




(without spaces) to share checklists with us. You can already share checklists in the field from the eBird mobile app. Just add World Shorebirds Day to your contacts.

A year subscription for the Birds Of The World web portal will be gifted to someone who participates and regularly submits counting results to eBird. The winner will be drawn later next year. More information is at https://birdsoftheworld.org

If you cannot wait until we have the winner, you can get access to the website at a one-off 50% discount today. Use EURASIANSHOREBIRDS

redeeming code during checkout.

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