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Checklist sharing deadline

A few more days left to submit and share the counting results from the 2016 Global Shorebird Counting event. All checklists should be submitted and shared with World Shorebirds Day as described bellow. We can onlywork with your data if those are shared.

To make your submitted data visible to World Shorebirds Day, checklists are kindly asked to be shared. Please add the worldshorebirdsday eBird username or email address, to your eBird contact list, and share all your related checklists with us (only the checklists, containing shorebirds, made during the World Shorebirds Day weekend between 2–6 September 2016). There is an easy to understand eBird guideline, how to do this, here.

If you haven’t registered to Global Shorebird Counting but have shorebird data from 2–6 September 2016, you can still share your data with World Shorebirds Day. Share this opportunity with your friends so that they can win one of our great prizes.

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