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Guess the species

Top 3 Votes 23February14

It is your turn to play now. Guess what three species are in the Top  3. Those who comment here in the blog with the right answer are eligible to win a little secret gift from me. If you can link the species name with the percentage figures, you are eligible to win a something bigger secret gift.

If you post your guess only in the social media posts, you are out of the game. If you have difficulties commenting here, you can eMail me your results with your name. My contact detail is in the About menu (hidden behind the horizontal bars on the left of the blog, or top on mobile). The prize cannot be sent to anonymous commenters.

Here is a little help:

One of them is from Eurasia, the other one is from the Australasian Flyway and the third one occurs in every flyway.

Good luck!

#Poll #ShorebirdoftheWorldShorebirdsDay

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