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Wish List: Shorebird Photographs

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus ternominatus), Zapata, Cuba. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus ternominatus), Zapata, Cuba. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Based on my experience, I am not expecting much of a response to this post, but I give it a try. I know there are many generous and experienced bird photographers who can, and is willing to support non-profit initiatives with their beautiful images, what otherwise never would be used anywhere else.

I know the opinion of most of the photographers, especially those, who try to make living from their images. They spend a lot of money to be able to make a decent image and they want to get something back. TRUE and acceptable. I have been a bird photographer and helped different projects with my images for nothing.

To make the World Shorebird Day more colourful, I kindly ask every bird photographers to rethink ‘donating’ this special day with images of the following subjects:

  1. Photos of any kind of shorebird species (list of shorebirds are in the World Shorebird Checklist)

  2. photos of shorebird chicks,

  3. photos of shorebird flocks,

  4. photos of shorebird habitats and anything related to shorebirds


Images will mainly be used for web viewing and in presentations. The best images will be selected for the Shorebirds eMagazine (under preparation).

  1. Minimum image size is 1,000 pixels on either side.

  2. File format: JPEG.

  3. No frame, text and watermark on the image.

  4. Credit will always be provided wherever the image will be used!

  5. Species name and location information and name of the photographer should be provided for each image.

  6. Image files should preferably be shared in a Dropbox folder (free to create an account).

Thanks for your help!

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