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2 February is World Wetlands Day


The Titchwell RSPB Reserve is an important wetland and fuelling site for migrating shorebirds. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Salt pans, marshes, fresh water and brackish water bodies, ocean beaches and river banks, mangroves and wet grasslands, fishponds and rice fields are all playing vital role in the complete life cycle of most of the shorebirds. The 2nd of February has been dedicated to wetlands since 1997.


Purple Sandpiper is one of the shorebirds species dependent on healthy coastlines. © Attila Seprényi

World Wetlands Day is again a good opportunity to visit our preferred wetlands and celebrate all the efforts made for improving their quality for mankind and wildlife.

Unfortunately this is a long lasting battle till we can see clear water flowing into our oceans, but every little step makes a difference. We all have to show our commitment to the protection of wetlands by talking to those in need of education.

To learn more about World Wetlands Day and the Ramsar Convention visit their websites.

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