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2020 is the most successful year despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, a record number of eBird checklists have been submitted and shared again with World Shorebirds Day for the Global Shorebird Counts. It is truly unbelievable and a superb achievement by our ever-growing community.

Least Sandpiper by Daniel Cadieux. The embedding permission was granted by the photographer. All rights reserved by Daniel Cadieux

This year the campaign was even shorter and more limited than it was in previous years, mainly due to work commitments, but I still managed to keep the past participants up-to-date. As of writing, we have beaten two of the three records and we are only two species short to last year's results of the number shorebird species recorded for the Global Shorebird Counts. The Southeast Asian participation seems to be very low this year thus missing most Asian jacana species. More details will come after the 30 September 2020 submission deadline is passed.

Considering that only four checklists have been received from India, our results are even more delightful and this program shows a slow but steady increase in the number of participants. New ideas will help to boost the participation next year including coordinated communications within local and regional eBird communities as well as introducing the multi-lingual website.

Congratulation for all enthusiastic participants for this excellent achievement. We all should be proud of the results of this non-organisational initiative.

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