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Additional ways to share shorebird data

2/9/17 8.10-9.30 Nature’s Valley Beach, S. Afr. Coord: -33.980787, 23.56945074: 1 African Oystercatcher, 8 Sanderling, 2 White-fronted Plover #shorebirdsday

Dataset will not be acceptable without:

  1. date

  2. time

  3. location name

  4. coordinates

  5. counting result

If the message is too long for one tweet then #shorebirdsday hasthtag has to be added in the second or third, etc. part of the tweet as well. Counting data without numbers or with just an ‘X’ will be not be added to the database.

Those sharing checklists via Facebook or Twitter will be eligible to participate in the loyalty program in case data from future Global Shorebird Counting dates will be shared accordingly.

However, it is still highly recommended to use eBird for this annual event and support one of the largest citizen science project in the world. Simlpy use the eBird app available both for iOS and Android.

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