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Are you ready for the counts?

Last weekend I practised counting waders at the stunning Kilnsea Wetlands near Spurn, UK.

Two more days and we are counting shorebirds for the 7th consecutive years running. Please make sure your and others safety is in priority. The COVID-19 Pandemic is not a joke despite widespread denial.

Some of you have already shared checklists from August what is very much appreciated but we cannot involve those counts in our week-long program.

Can I just highlight a few key points for this year's counts?

  • Should your movements allow, try to involve more sites where you can count shorebirds.

  • No 'X' mark is allowed in the numbers field. This program is about counting!

  • Try to invite your eBird birding buddy should she or he never participated.

  • Share your photos on Instagram using #worldshorebirdsday or #shorebirdsday hashtags.

Any questions? Drop a tweet, an email or a message on Facebook.

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