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Global Shorebird Counting page in multiple languages


Dunlin from Svalbard by Edvard Wendelin

Thanks to our wonderful supporters we now have the Global Shorebird Counting Program page translated to several languages. This opens doors to even more potential participants of our popular annual event who speaks native language only.

The following languages are available or coming, based on promises:

  1. Bulgarian – Български  (Thanks to Nikolai Petkov)

  2. Dutch – Nederlands (Thanks to Jan Dolphijn)

  3. Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia (under translation?)

  4. Spanish – Español (Thanks to M. Ángeles Loredo and Corrie Winter Carrasco)

  5. French – Français ((Thanks to Nils Bouillard)

  6. Hellenic – ελληνικά (under translation)

  7. Finnish – Suomi (under translation?)

  8. Italian – Italiano (under translation)

  9. Lithuanian – Lietuvių kalba (Thanks to Boris Belchev)

  10. Hungarian – Magyar (Gyorgy Szimuly)

  11. Russian – Русский язык (Thanks to Lena Lebedeva-Hooft)

  12. Thai – ภาษาไทย (Thanks to Chuenchom Hansasuta)

We are eagerly waiting offers for the following languages:

  1. German

  2. Portuguese

  3. Swedish

  4. Danish

  5. Norwegian

  6. Polish

  7. Hindi

  8. Arabic

  9. Chinese

  10. Japanese

We are happy to add any further languages as well. Most part of the forthcoming brand new World Shorebirds Day website will be translated to the major languages.

Note: Photos are legally embedded from their original source. By clicking on the image it directs to its original page (mainly 500px or Flickr).

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