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Global Shorebird Counting Report: Part One

Important update on 7 November 2014!

After posting this blogpost I realised that wrong sheet was copied into the report resulting wrong chart and text. I wish the chart was correct for this analysis, but this wasn’t the case for this year. So here is the correct report:

The Global Shorebird Counting Program has definitely been the highlight of the first World Shorebirds Day. Prior to the celebratory weekend, bird enthusiasts and researchers, amateurs and professionals from nearly every corner of the world, showed great interest in participating in the program. It’s a different story that after all only half of the registered participants shared their counting results. It just encourages the organisers to do a better job for the next global event.

But what the results of the first global counting are saying?

The Global Shorebird Counting Program didn’t mean to be a scientific project to get worldwide population figures, but rather meant to be an encouragement for every birdwatcher to do regular bird counts. Yet, it’s interesting to look behind the datasets and play with numbers.

Which countries/states provided the most checklists*?

As of today we’ve got 413 shared checklists, which is about 45% of the total registered counting locations. Most probably much more checklists have been submitted to eBird, but remained unshared.

The graph bellow shows the top 10 countries/states, where the most checklists have been submitted from.

As this program wasn’t announced as a competition there are no winners or losers. Each and every checklist is equally important and reflects a wonderful attitude of groups or/and individuals.

Bellow is the complete list of countries/states involved in the Global Shorebird Counting Program, including the number of submitted checklists.

USA (CA) 28 Puerto Rico 25 Bermuda 23 USA (TX) 19 Mexico 17 Canada (NS) 15 USA (FL) 11 Great Britain 11 Romania 10 Hungary 10 USA (NY) 10 Australia (NSW) 10 Spain 9 Canada (BC) 9 New Zealand 8 USA (OH) 8 Argentina 8 Canada (AB) 7 Guadeloupe 7 Japan 6 Canada (ON) 6 Canada (SK) 6 USA (OR) 6 USA (AL) 5 USA (MA) 5 USA (GA) 5 Italy 5 Barbados 5 South Africa 4 The Philippines 4 Sweden 4 Jamaica 4 USA (HI) 4 USA (WA) 4 Turks and Caicos Islands 4 Serbia 4 Panama 3 Anguilla 3 Hong Kong 3 Israel 3 USA (TN) 3 USA (AR) 3 Australia (NT) 3 USA (ME) 3 Belgium 3 Canada (NB) 3 USA (VT) 3 USA (VA) 3 Australia (WA) 2 Russia 2 Tunisia 2 USA (ID) 2 Portugal 2 Virgin Islands 2 Ukraine 2 Malaysia 2 Thailand 2 USA (PA) 2 Australia (VIC) 2 USA (MS) 2 Canada (MB) 2 USA (AK) 2 USA (AZ) 2 USA (SD) 2 China 2 USA (DE) 1 Denmark 1 Greece 1 USA (KY) 1 Colombia 1 Slovakia 1 USA (CT) 1 USA (IL) 1 USA (MI) 1 Germany 1 USA (NJ) 1 Brazil 1 Ecuador 1 Paraguay 1 USA (WY) 1 Canada (NL) 1 Canada (NU) 1 USA (MT) 1

It was the very first World Shorebirds Day and while we reached thousands of birdwatchers and enthusiasts, it was hard to get into regional levels. With a different approach and better cooperation the 2015 results can be different. Current report will still be updated as more checklists will be shared in the next couple of days.

Follow our blog as more detailed analyses to come. If your country is not listed, but your checklist have been submitted to eBird, you might have missed to share the data with the username worldshorebirdsday. To learn more about sharing a checklist please read this guideline.

_____ *Checklists are the datasets from a certain location on a given date and time.

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