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Global Shorebird Counts 2019 is coming

While Whimbrel was selected as the ‘Shorebird of the Year’ in 2018, we celebrated the conservation efforts of all curlew species globally. Tremendous efforts have been made to stop population declines of curlews worldwide. This photo was taken in the Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom, where upland populations declining rapidly. © Gyorgy Szimuly

We are fast approaching the 2019 Global Shorebird Counts and unlike on the previous years, there won’t be a long and as extensive campaign as in the past years. This is due to the non-organisational organisation of the shorebird counts and the lack of supporting team.

Again, the Global Shorebird Counts will cover a whole week, allowing opportunity for everyone to participate and share data with eBird to be used for conservation purposes and population studies.

Global Shorebird Counts’ Dates

3-9 September 2019

Be a part of this global event and share as many checklists (containing shorebirds) of many different locations as possible. Last year many of the participants sent multiple day checklists from the very same locations. I cannot encourage you enough to use the long duration of the counts for visiting different sites where shorebirds might occur.

In the next two weeks I will keep everyone updated about the counts and will update the count page as well. Please make sure you follow our blog for further information.

Last but not least, I am again seeking for help in creating a counting summary from our database.

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