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Hooded Plover is the ‘Shorebird of the Year’

Hooded Plover

Hooded Plover, the ‘Shorebird of the Year’ in 2017, on the rock shelf next to Racecourse Beach at Ulladulla, Australia. © Leo Berzins (Photo embedding was kindly permitted by the photographer.)

Following last year’s tight competition for the title ‘Shorebird of the Year’ it became obvious that we would not need another voting for this year. Piping Plover won last year’s title but the stunning Hooded Plover was right behind.

Starting this year, World Shorebirds Day does something very important for the Hoodies. The Hooded Plover is one of the benefiting species of BirdLife Australia’s long running Beach-nesting Bird project, managed by Dr Grainne Maguire (Coast and Marine Program Manager of BirdLife Australia), and World Shorebirds Day is now raising funds for the continuation of this important program. World Shorebirds Day community is now large enough to do something different for the ‘Shorebird of the Year’. Please express your appreciation and support this cause however you can.

It is very important to understand that funds will directly go to BirdLife Australia and not for World Shorebirds Day or someone else. BirdLife Australia’s Fundraising Team and the Beach-nesting Bird project Manager has been part of the preparation of this campaign!

Direct link to the campaign is here.

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