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Introducing the Spring Global Shorebird Counts

Migrating and wintering Red Knots and Bar-tailed Godwits at Snettisham RSPB Reserve, Norfolk, United Kingdom. © Gyorgy Szimuly

The Global Shorebird Counts has always been a key part of World Shorebirds Day and its ever growing popularity among the world's citizen scientists begs for raising the bar a little higher up. The enthusiastic supporters of the Global Shorebird Counts have been submitted an incredible set of data in the last 7 year. Conservation bodies and organisations across the globe can use these data for ensuring further protection of our loved but rather vulnerable group of birds.

Prior to the launch of World Shorebirds Day in 2014, different ideas and sub-projects had been visioned and organising the Global Shorebird Counts in Spring was one of them. So today, I'm happy to announce the first ever Spring Global Shorebird Counts to be organised starting next year.

Save the date

7–9 May 2021

The Spring Global Shorebird Counts will be held between 7–9 May 2021 in conjunction with the World Migratory Bird Day what is a perfect awareness program for migratory shorebirds. Local and national COVID-19 rules will be taken into account when organising any local events or counting activities.

The event will be widely promoted in local and national magazines and through our partners. Please share your ideas how to reach your national or local network.

Registration is not necessary but it is crucial to have your permission to use your email address exclusively for event related communication purposes. Please sign up for this using this form.

Subscribe to our event calendar either on Google or on iCal (Mac).

iCal link: webcal://

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