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It's World Shorebirds Day

In the year of losses, compromises, impatience and restucture, we still have to find courage to celebrate. World Shorebirds Day is one of those things where birdwatchers, scientists and conservationists come together to celebrate shorebirds. The populations of our beloved shorebirds continue to decline and without much of governmental interests, there is little hope to stop the current level of decline. Still, we have to fight for this vulnerable group of birds and many of us do it tireslessly.

It is obvious, that we won't break records this year (although counts are sill on), but I found a reason to open a bottle of Pouilly Fumé for this special day. The resons are the faithfull supporters of World Shorebirds Day. Individuals and organisations from the superbly active Spain, the Caribbean to China or Australia are continuing to support this worldwide initiative.

Wood Sandpiper. Photo by Gyorgy Szimuly. All rights reserved.

Until next year's counting we are planning to unveil our brand new merchandise shop and other exciting features of the World Shorebirds Day website.

Please celebrate World Shorebirds Day the safest way possible way and for the Global Shorebird Counts, please keep sending the checklists from 3–9 September 2020.

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude for those donated for the efforts of organising World Shorebirds Day and Global Shorebird Counts. Your support will make a difference. Thank you ever so much!

Happy World Shorebirds Day!

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