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Over a thousand counting locations


However, this is just half of the job! eBird checklist sharing is also under way and already a 147 checklist have been shared and counting. Already some of the participants regrettly reported his or her failure to get out counting due to extreme weather conditions or unexpected personal issues. The majority of participants had no issues and could go out. To make sense of this counting program I ask everyone to submit records to eBird as soon as possible! The more time goes by, the more likely data submission will be forgotten.

To be able to make a summary of the first Global Shorebird Counting a Program I ask you to share your checklist with the World Shorebirds Day eBird account. Here is a quick guide how to share a checklist. Follow the steps described! The name to be shared the checklists with is worldshorebirdsday. If you have privacy concerns please contact me by email (find it under Contact menu.

Keep up the good work! You are a part of something outstanding!

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