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Post-supporting the Global Shorebird Counting Program

Photograph Grutto // Black-tailed Godwit by Willem Verboom on 500px

Black-tailed Godwit from The Netherlands. © Willem Verboom

Data sharing is well under way after another successful celebration of the world’s shorebirds. Participants of the Global Shorebird Counting Program shared more than 400 checklists so far and counting. I’m sure last weekend a lot more birdwatchers were out in the field and recorded birds, including shorebirds. For those not registered for the Global Shorebird Counting, there is a chance to post-support this program, by simply sharing the relevant checklist(s) with World Shorebirds Day (username: worldshorebirdsday or email: To learn more about the checklist sharing process please follow our relevant post (bottom paragraph).

It doesn’t cost anything yet makes a difference!

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