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Show your support for the Global Shorebird Counts

New to the world and as hungry as a bear

Wonderful photo captured of a Magellanic Oystercatcher family from the Falkland Islands. © Chantal Jacques (Photo embedding was permitted by the photographer. Direct link to the photo of the Flickr photostream is provided.)

Did you go birding between 5–11 September 2018 but have not heard about the Global Shorebird Counts? Do you have any eBird checklists from these dates including any of these shorebird species? If you do, you can still help World Shorebirds Day to meet its mission. The more birdwatchers and conservationists are behind this initiative the more effectively we can raise awareness about the plight of shorebirds. Changing mindset of people is not impossible… it happened many times before.

Share your eBird checklists and be a part of our success. If you consider supporting us next year again just make a registration today. with the form below.

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