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Spoon-billed Sandpiper skitches from China by Szabolcs Kókay. © Szabolcs Kókay

Spoon-billed Sandpiper sketches from China by Szabolcs Kókay. © Szabolcs Kókay

Following our conversation about the shorebird counting on the special day, my Hungarian artist friend, Szabolcs Kókay came out with an idea. As he is no longer a birdwatcher, he spends all his time in the field exclusively for sketching his subjects. He offered his support and will go out on the World Shorebirds’ Day weekend, but this time he won’t count shorebirds, but making sketches about the birds he will find on the scene. What a brilliant idea!

He immediately thought this initiative further and within a couple of minutes it was shared with his artist friends. We had not waited too long for the first positive responses from Hungary, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Tunis, England and Switzerland. It is a pleasure to see artists supporting this important event of the year. Wherever they are on 6-7 September, they will go out for doing their field study and sketching shorebirds. The outcome of this special activity will be visible for the public in a later phase. We hope, that even more artists will join in the next couple of weeks from even more countries.

Anyone wish to participate is kindly asked to send an email to

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