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The Global Shorebird Counting Program (Global Shorebird Counting) is not simply collecting data or submitting checklist. The Global Shorebird Counting is meant to be a program for the public to rise awareness about the sensitivity of our natural environment, about the vulnerability of its wildlife. Shorebirds are probably the fastest responders to negative changes taking place in habitats they are using. Our task is to let others know how sensitive this complex ecosystem is and how easily it can crash. Crashed sites offer nothing else but lifeless grounds. This is the last thing a shorebird conservationist, a bird enthusiast want to see.

While you are out in the field this weekend, think about all these facts and value what you see through your binoculars. Should it be a single Killdeer or a Red-wattled Lapwing, be glad they survived.

If you are out counting, take pictures with your camera or mobile phone and share it with us. Share your experiences and feelings about the birds you will be seen or about this initiative. Leave your feedback (comment) with this post or send it by email if you want to keep it private.

Northern Lapwing populations are rapidly decreasing in most part of Europe. © Gyorgy Szimuly

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