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The 2018 World Shorebirds Day campaign opens


It’s been a while since we last communicated but now it’s time again to warm up for World Shorebirds Day and to show our appreciation for shorebird research and the tremendous conservation efforts.

To make this kick off short, we opened registration for our popular project, the Global Shorebird Counting and now you can add your registered site(s) to the project map. The counts will be carried out between 5–11 September 2018.

Global Shorebird Counting logo 4 3

This year we make a challenge for ourselves by trying to encourage every participant to invite at least one new shorebird counter from a new counting location. It is not impossible and requires just a little more communication with your friends, bird clubs, conservation or research group. Thousands of birdwatchers are going out birdwatching anyway during the Global Shorebird Counting week, so participation won’t be an additional effort. So be up to this challenge and help to beat the records.

Organisers are seeking for help in analysing data collected from counts of previous years. Data is available in a spreadsheet format. Analysis result will be published on our website as part of this years campaign. So if you think you can help please send us an email and we discuss further details.

So let’s book hundreds of counting sites and make hundreds of little oystercatchers visible on the map, and invite another friend of yours. Happy Shorebirding.


This beautiful oystercatcher pictogram will appear at each registered counting location on our Google map.

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