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The 2020 Counts under the COVID-19 Pandemic

We all agree in that we have a very special year in many ways caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have experienced loosing of our loved ones, work and our life had to transformed for a long time.

In these extraordinary times we still trying to get back to some sort of normality. While in many countries it is still not possible, others reopened their country and even welcome visitors. As I directly work in the COVID-19 affected industry, I learned that we cannot be careful enough to avoid get infected. Participants of the World Shorebirds Day and the Global Shorebird have to follow the national guidelines and to make sure we don't contribute to the spread of the virus. World Shorebirds Day will not encourage organisations to organise large gatherings, conferences or outdoor activities.

This year we promote individual efforts outdoor as well as webinars and podcast publishing.

Counting locations of the Global Shorebird Counts in every country since its launch in 2014.

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