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The most successful shorebird counts ever!

Ruddy Turnstone

The logo bird of World Shorebirds Day. © Matt Filosa (Photo was legally embedded from the photographer’s Flickr stream with a direct link to his portfolio. Check out his work.)

Thanks to the amazing efforts made around the world in counting shorebirds, we have just crossed a major milestone. Under the umbrella of World Shorebirds Day, the 2018 Global Shorebird Counts is the most successful shorebird counting ever.

See what we have achieved here and compare the number of submitted and shared checklists with the previous year’s results.

We have submitted and shared


checklists, and more to come.

Follow the progress of the 2018 Global Shorebird Counts, updated several times a day

Number of recorded shorebird species

Number of shared checklists

Number of unique counting locations



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