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Unexpected participation and counting...

Fighting Wood Sandpipers. Naszály, Hungary. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Although the data submission deadline is not here yet, it is heart-warming to see the level of contribution to this year's Global Shorebird Counts. What makes it unexpected, is the fact that in many countries there is still movement limitation amid the COVID-19 outbreaks. Despite the pandemic, friends and supporters of World Shorebirds Day made tremendous efforts to visit their local patches to count shorebirds.

While in many areas we can see significant under-representation, compared to the previous years, we still have reasons to celebrate the efforts. Just look at the map below and see the distribution of red dots. The Spanish eBird community showed once again how committed they can be when it comes to supporting a cause. The same level of enthusiasm can be seen in the Caribbean, North and South America, where we are getting more and more support.

There is still plenty of time to share checklists even if one has not registered to the counts. Ask your friends anywhere in the world whether they have any checklists to be shared from 3–9 September 2020. Once they have eBird checklists anyway, it is cost nothing to show support.

Deadline for sharing checklists is

30 September 2020

Thank you for everything you do for shorebirds.

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