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Data submission with eBird

eBird has long been committed to the professional data management not only on a national, but at an international level as well. By now the eBird Team is handling and incredible half a billion bird records and it’s growing. The World Shorebirds Day has been partnered with eBird, which offers all of its solutions for submitting counting results of the weekend of the Global Shorebird Counting Program.


Steps needed to be done before data submission starts

  1. Create an account (if you already have an eBird account you don’t need to create a new account!).

  2. Tell more about yourself in the next page (Please don’t skip this step! At least add your city and country.)

  3. Visit the link about a quick start guide to be sent by eBird after registration complete.

  4. Start submitting the first checklist (list of species counted on a location, on a certain day). I recommend starting to use eBird with submitting a few own field records from the near past, to get used to its platform and structure.

  5. In case you have a smartphone, data submission is easier by using the BirdsEye BirdLog app available both for iOS and Android.

  6. Please add to the comment field: World Shorebirds Day (only for the checklists made during the World Shorebirds Day weekend)

  7. Please add worldshorebirdsday to your contact list, and if it is not a big trouble for you, share all your related checklists with us! (also, only for the checklists made during the World Shorebirds Day weekend) There is a guideline, how to do this, here.

On this coming weekend go out to your preferred locations and register all the shorebirds you counted. Dates available for counting is 5-7 September. Although others requested a week long count to cover the next weekend, it is still under consideration whether to include it or not.

In a case, having difficulties with internet access, data can be sent by email, but this solution should be used when no other option remained. To get the most of this fantastic weekend, I ask you to get into eBird and help learning more about the distribution of shorebirds.

To have an idea about the intensive usage of eBird worldwide, have a look at this impressive map showing data submission live.

Anyone has questions, should not hesitate to contact me.

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