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I have something for you

It is long overdue but here is a little present from World Shorebirds Day (okay, from Szimi) for one of you. Sadly, I cannot please everyone but I give everyone a chance to win.

Last weekend I met the lovely Mary Colwell, the author of the highly acclaimed book, Curlew Moon. Mary was kindly signed a copy for one lucky participants of the 2018 Global Shorebird Counts. The winner of the draw will get the book by post.

So all we have to do is to find out who the winner is. For this, I need your help. I grouped all 2018 checklists into one spreadsheet and I will need the third commenter to this blog post to give me a single number between 15,217 and 21,109. I will pick that row from the spreadsheet and see what checklist identification number it belongs to.

If there are multiple observers in the winner checklist, I will pick the first name appearing on the observer list.

While I'm waiting for the comments, I'm reading Mary's book on the sofa.

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