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Making the Global Shorebird Counts simple

Wilson's Phalarope

Female Wilson’s Phalarope in Texas, USA. This photo was legally embedded via Greg Lavaty’s Flickr photostream. Click on the image to see more of his work. All rights reserved by the photographer.

Have an eBird account

While I cannot force anyone to use eBird, it is the only way to share counting results of the Global Shorebird Counts. eBird has proved many times it’s incredible contribution to bird conservation and our efforts have been a tremendous help for the eBird team to better understand bird migration and population changes. More about why you should eBird is here. Simply register if you are new to eBird.

Download the eBird mobile app

The most convenient way to record bird sightings is using your mobile phone in the field. The eBird mobile app keeps all your records and let them share with World Shorebirds Day on the go. Read more about the app here.

Count shorebirds

Start the Global Shorebird Counts at your favourite local patch where shorebirds normally occur. As we have already discussed it before, shorebirds are not only inhabiting shores and beaches but inland freshwaters and grasslands or even semi deserts as well. You know your area well and you know where to find them. Count shorebirds on as many different locations as possible. We need only one set of complete checklist per site and you decide which one to share with us. I encourgae you to explore new habitats and share checklists from there. Note, that we only need counting results from between 3–9 September this year. Of course you are highly recommended to use eBird after the GSC as well.

Share checklists

Checklist sharing is simple but if you need guidance, eBird has the perfect tutorial how to do it. Please use our eBird username, worldshorebirdsday (without spaces) to share checklists with us. You can already share checklists in the field from the eBird mobile app. Just add World Shorebirds Day to your contacts.

Still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via any of our many communication channels. See them here.

Sign up for the Global Shorebird Counts

Please find more information about this sign up here.

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