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Migratory Shorebird Art

‘Receeding tide’ painting by oil on canvasboard by Szabolcs Kókay. In May 2013 Szabolcs spent 10 days at the massive Yellow Sea mudflats at Rudong, China studying and skecthing Spoon-billed Sandpipers. This artwork is an excellent outcome of that field trip. with Ruddy Turnstones, Greater Sand Plover, Dunlins, Red-necked Stint and the stunning Spoon-billed Sandpiper. All rights reserved by Szabolcs Kókay

Let’s say there has been a traditional connection between World Shorebirds Day and shorebird art. In 2014 wildlife artists around the world spent a day in the field on the World Shorebirds Day for sketching shorebirds. We all loved their submissions. From 2017 we put this love for waders into a new level with the introduction of a new WSD project for wildlife artists.

From today wildlife artists will be invited to create a shorebird artwork of personal preference before the 30th of July 2017. Our intention is to organise a migratory exhibition of the best arts in some of the big cities in the world, starting in London in late 2017. Exhibitions would run until the 2018 World Shorebirds Day.  There is also a plan to publish a beautiful album of the most impressive submissions and the profit from the sales would be given to one of the shorebird conservation projects.

If you feel this project is exciting for you please get in touch with us at

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