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Shorebirds Unite Us

On the 6-7th of September 2014 birdwatchers around the world will visit their local wetlands or any kind of suitable sites to count shorebirds. September is a good time for watching shorebird migration in the Northern Hemisphere, but also a good time to see breeding shorebirds on the southern part of the globe.

The idea of counting shorebirds on this day is to raise awareness on the importance of shorebird research and to make shorebird monitoring and data recording more popular. For this, the World Shorebirds Day Team is partnering the eBird Team of Cornell Lab of Ornithology to submit total checklists of all the sites involved. eBird is a world renowned and the ultimate program for reporting bird records straight from the field. With BirdsEye BirdLog apps, data can be easily entered and uploaded directly to eBird. One of the coolest feature of the eBird website is a map showing submitted checklists in real time.

We encourage you to book your location today on the map we have just created. The map is editable and allows our readers to add their own locations where shorebirds (or waders if you like that better) will be counted. Some locations have already been added, but we hope that the coverage will be much better by time.

On 6-7th of September 2014 shorebirds will unite all the shorebird enthusiasts, and hopefully this event will pledge more birdwatchers, which takes us one step closer to a more sustainable world.

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