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Summary is not forgotten


Good numbers of Kentish Plovers are wintering on the salinas of Ulcíjn, Montenegro. © Gyorgy Szimuly

It would be silly not to summarise the results of the Global Shorebird Counting Program of the first World Shorebirds Day. As the data submission deadline is 30 September 2014, we have to give every participant a chance to submit data.

It is already clear, that despite more than 1,000 counting locations registered, yet ‘only’ about half of the sites were reported. I didn’t put too much efforts to find out the reasons, why 500 counting results are missing. It could be either due to the lack of suitable habitat for shorebirds, or dreadful weather on the weekend or simply eBird was refused to be used. Anyway it’s nearly 500 locations worldwide which I think is still fantastic.

Guess which was the most numerous species counted and how many shorebird species were seen altogether during the World Shorebirds Day weekend? It gonna be fun to find out the results! Are you looking forward to learn how many individuals were counted altogether? It all coming? Tell us what statistics you would like to see!

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