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The future of Global Shorebird Counting data sharing

Data submission is progressing well, but having data being shared seems to be more challenging than organising the whole event. Most of the participants have already been using eBird, some of them were new to eBird. Some participants don’t even want to use eBird for various reasons.

Before starting the preparation for the next World Shorebirds Day, it would be useful to hear what you think about data sharing. Whatever solution will be used, the registration process cannot be excluded. That makes our checklist ours.

eBird already offered an even stronger support for the next special day. The World Shorebirds Day eBird Portal will soon be opened what makes data sharing much simpler.

The Global Shorebird Counting page on our website will soon be redesigned, based on the constructive feedbacks or critics.

Looking forward to hear your comment!

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